Peroneal Tendonitis

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Peroneal tendonitis is something that is often difficult to treat. Peroneal tendonitis usually presents as an ache in the peroneal tendons either just above or just below the lateral malleolus. Most cases are in athletes as an overuse injury. A really common finding in peroneal tendonitis is a low supination resistance, in that the foot is usually very easy to supinated. So the reason that they get peroneal tendonitis is because the peroneal muscles have to work so hard as the foot is always wanting to supinated. Often when these people are standing, the peroneal tendons are very prominent as the muscles are firing. The logical way to treat peroneal tendonitis (along with all the usually activity modifications and physical therapy) is the use of lateral heel wedging so the peroneal tendons do not have to work so hard.

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