Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is something that keeps on coming up and everyone has their favourite treatment regime that they swear by. There is evidence for and against a number of different interventions, but no one really uses just one intervention in their clinical practice Most clinicians use a treatment program or plan for plantar fasciitis that involves several strategies which the research evidence that not really taken into account. Each intervention or treatment option seems to have their ‘champions‘ that advocate using it on everyone.

The approach to plantar fasciitis really needs to be two pronged:

1. Reduce the load in the damaged tissues (eg low dye strapping; reduced weight bearing activity; calf muscle stretching; specific design parameters on foot orthotics)

2. Facilitate the healing of the tissues (eg cortisone, massages, trigger point therapy, shockwave therapy, active release techniques, etc, etc).

It was recently asked that in plantar fasciitis, will any of the strategies for (2)work if (1) is not dealt with. It certainly makes intuitive sense that over the long term that the load in the tissue needs to be reduced.

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